The Girl Behind The Gun: Get to know Armed In Style

The Girl Behind The Gun:  Get to know Armed In Style

Who is Armed In Style? 

My name is Heather.  I'm a part time dental hygienist, full time owner of Armed In Style, and a mother of 2 boys.  I am happily married to my husband who is a dedicated state law enforcement officer/investigator and Tech Sgt. in the USAF.  We love the 2nd amendment and shooting sports!  ...also coffee, golfing, baseball -GO BRAVES!, and running too!

I grew up around guns and a self defense and prepared-minded family.  My dad constantly would ask us about different scenarios and how we would react or handle it to survive.  The week I turned 21 I got my handgun carry permit and have been striving to be prepared to protect myself and my family since.  I've come to the conclusion that in majority of scenarios, having a firearm to defend myself, a petite woman, is the best tool I can have with me to effectively protect myself. 

I launched Armed In Style as an apparel brand to bridge the gab between gun apparel and style/fashion.  My goals are to encourage a love of guns and shooting with a feminine and fun touch. 

The Armed In Style Blog is aimed at education and proof that self defense and concealed carrying can be easily added to your lifestyle.  I'll share my research, my experiences, my recommendations, and tips on everything from golfing while carrying to gardening to gun friendly date ideas to competition shooting our blog covers it all!

Always carry safely, follow the rules of firearms safety, and always learn more while  training as much as you can.  Let's talk in the comments!

Much love and ammo,



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