Firearms Training During The Ammo Shortage

 firearms training during the ammo shortage

2020 has, no doubt, brought us a lot of turmoil, frustration, and change.  One of the major issues brought on by the events of 2020 is a severe ammo shortage causing ammo prices to multiply and ammo itself to become a scarce and coveted item with stores unable to stock their shelves as demand is too high they are back ordered for months.  Along with record gun sales and record amounts of new gun owners a problem arises as live fire training becomes extremely expensive if not impossible due to lack of access to ammunition.

I have good news though.  So, we CAN actually still train and not use any ammo at all.  This training is arguably even more valuable training than live fire training at the range with ammunition.  I'm not even talking about taking training classes, however, those are extremely helpful and I do highly recommend classes.  I'm actually talking about DRY FIRE TRAINING

Dry fire training is so valuable because it is the best training method to correct the most common errors in firearms handling and shooting, it's completely safe and extremely effective.  BONUS:  You don't use any ammo and you still greatly increase your skills, speed, and accuracy with firearms!

Dry fire training is a pivotal aspect of firearms practice.  It helps you develop and strengthen the proper muscle memory to quickly, effectively, and accurately deploy your firearm in the event you need to defend yourself. 

Watch my video where I show you my dry fire training routine for beginners >>here

I am by no means a firearms expert, but I can tell you that dry fire training has improved my confidence in handling and manipulating my firearm as well as improved my trigger press problem where I would cause the muzzle to dip while I was pulling the trigger during live fire, which would, in turn, make my shot off target. 

I suggest for you to dry fire train even in times when ammo is cheap and plentiful.  This type of training offers the opportunity to correct improper firearm grip, training your eyes to find the sights and see the sight picture correctly, slowly and smoothly press the trigger so the muzzle doesn't move, and strengthens your muscle memory for drawing from concealment all the way to trigger press.  You can even set up a training course and run through scenarios  like home intruder or active shooter situations...really the training possibilities are endless.  AND no ammo is even spent!

Check out our line of Dry Fire Pillows.  They're unique tactical home decor, the front is a design for home decor and flip over the pillow to find your target for dry fire training on the back, just like the one pictured in the blog banner and cover photo of this blog post. 

Always carry safely, follow the rules of firearms safety, and always learn more while  training as much as you can.  Always remember that  you are loved, you are valuable, and you are worth defending!

Let's talk in the comments.

Much love and ammo,



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