Tactical Romance Love Coupons
Tactical Romance Love Coupons
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Tactical Romance Love Coupons

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Tactical Romance...Our love coupons are the ONLY love coupons for gun couples! Includes 10 unique coupons for couples to cash in anytime.  Plus a bonus 20% off coupon code to anything at Armed In Style. Couples that do gun stuff together stay together!

Coupons include:

  1. range date and movie
  2. any ammo you want
  3. range day
  4. any gun accessory
  5. candle lit dry fire
  6. romantic wild card
  7. dinner and range date
  8. slow dance and dry fire
  9. load my magazines 
  10. free gun cleaning

Plus a 20% off at Armed In Style exclusive coupon code on the last page. 

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